RE: Game Time [formaly GameWorks]

It wasn't the biggest crowd but it was a crowd none the less! If you have nothing else to do on a Thursday night, have a GameWorks/ Game Time playcard and $10 burning a hole in your pocket come out to Game Time! You dont have to be totally social you can play games as well... or watch as others play games and sometimes fail miserably at them!

Me'n Shy try'n make it there every Thursday for the $10 deal and its fun to just go there if nothing else then to watch other furs play :P


If you are goin tomorrow I'll be selling some poptab bracelets :) three are already spoken for o.o buuut there are two extra chain style and one elastic cord one :P the chain bracelets are plain tabs the one elastic cord bracelet has colored tabs [green and redish orange]

Prices are thus: Elastic band poptab bracelet - $5
Plane poptab chain style bracelet - $1

here's the ugly mug to look for

RE: Game Time [formaly GameWorks]

I was there with Shy and noticed a HUGE outturn for the night o.o I noticed a curious mystery person there as well... a girl with blue trip pants short blondish hair with glasses and a black tail with a white tip she was accompanied by a girl wearing pink with a big flower that had a skull in the middle of it o.o we're still trying to figure out if this girl was a fur or just a renfair patron :P [even though the renfair isn't for some time I think....]

**Also** On a wholey different note in the yahoo Tampa Fur group I suggested a Lowery Park Zoo meet :) if you like the idea I might just try'n organize such a thing O:


Housewarming for New Furs in Tampa Area
Housewarming Party:

Housewarming Announcement:

Kilanon Gryphon, Drykath Dragon, and Sikes SnowLeopard/Roland GermanShepherd invite anyone who would like to help welcome us to the Greater Tampa Area to our Housewarming Party on January 29th, 2011.

Address and Maps, as well as contact info is available from the link above.  Format is mostly a 'Meet & Greet" to help us make new friends.
We recently moved to Valrico after buying a house here.

Look forward to meeting people.
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Just wondering

Is anybody planning on doing anything this holiday season? I know it's the busy time of year, but I think a holiday furry gathering would be nice. I know that not everyone celebrates the holidays, but that doesn't mean that you can't be with friends. So how about it, does anyone have any ideas for a furry gathering this month?
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October 9th Meet in Tampa! 6-?pm

 [url= ]musingazrael[/url] has agreed
to hold the next meet at his house! There will be gaming on two tv's, hanging
out in the backyard, music and more.

2111 W Crawford St
Tampa FL, 33604

He will be proving soda and cups and plates. This is a 'bring your own meat'
event, so if you want a hotdog, hamburger, steak etc, feel free to bring it.
MusingAzrael will throw it on his firepit in the back. (Note: just store your
meat in the fridge until it's ready to be cooked.)

Suiting is allowed at this event

You are advised to bring chips or any other kind of snacks that you'd wish to

If you have a folding table or chairs please note me or Azrael to let us know.
We need this to set up on.

Parking is limited, and you might have to park at the neighborhood entrance.
Please be courteous and do not block any driveways or roads.

Feel free to come in costume if you wish.

musingazrael wrote:
Park at the shopping center on corner of Sligh and Armenia, and walk over to the
house. The inconvenience sucks, but it's an old and smaller neighborhood. People
can text or call my cell anytime after 4pm to ask about details. :3


Guys here is the deal. Who on this group would be interested in furmeets more often in the tampa area? There are tons of furs locally. Shoot I know of 12 personally and there are allot more out there. As far as I know there has not been any serious furmeets in the area for some time now. Several of my furfriends have been talking of redoing the local fur group. So please give me feedback on the idea furs.

New fur

 hi hi all, Im moving soon from north carolina to Thonotosassa which is about 20 mins from tampa, and was hoping to make some new friends before I got down there.  I'm an 18 year old african american golden retriever :P  Im friednly and loyal to my friends and am just hopin to make as many good friends down there as I have up here.  I was at the FWA florida furs meet panel this year as well